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These Office Furniture Are Small Knowledge. Have You Arrived At Get?
- Mar 29, 2018 -

1, the office furniture material should respond to the building structure of the customer and combine seamlessly. Reasonable and effective use of space, so that the maximum benefit, the working space of the occasion, jianfengshiduo, all work a strong sense of space food.

2, office furniture should be enough food special customer organization, part of the number and nature of the function, to meet the special part of the work and the desktop space for.

3, the office furniture catering should meet the customer's demand for civilization, and make a decision between openness and privacy. Some companies with the same superficial harmony, some companies even trust authority, some superficial work independently, we meet the convenience food to studio furniture for customers.

4. The highest position of the work furniture is to create the value of civilization, to create individualization, to create beauty and artistic value. This is a beg for the characteristics of the corporate civilization, the general product of the product and the CI stratagem. Low standard is to follow the decorative intent to decorate style; high standard is to make up for lack of decoration, and decoration engineering, both opposite and complementary in hand.

5, the style of the cuisine is the soul of the interior material, and it is also the most provoking part of the object. The style of cooking hand has nothing to do with the use of three-dimensional food, more weight depends on the working pattern of furniture style and color, it is enough to consider the customer's personalized and unique appeal; on the other hand to match the aesthetic appeal, seeking beauty and artistic value, create a unique civilization value for customers.

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