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There Are Several Principle Chair?
- Jan 09, 2018 -

Two principles: the principle of hydraulic or thread

1. hydraulic principle:

Support bar chair is made of hydraulic principle! It's like the principle of a car jack. If it is not up, the valve can not be shut down. It's not going to explode in this case!

The explosion occurred mainly because the closed valve inside the hydraulic rod was damaged or the slot was damaged. The internal pressure is too big to lift the lifting rod.

2. thread principle:

It is equivalent to a right angle triangle, a right angle level, and the oblique edge is equivalent to the thread.

Swivel generally divided into half and two swivel chair. Half chair is able to rotate 90 degrees around the front. The chair is able to rotate 360 degrees to the chair.

Usually: head, back, chair, armrest, supporting rod (gas bar), shaft, five claws, claw wheels.

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