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The Size Of The Bar Table Is Detailed
- Jun 16, 2017 -

     Now people have a lot of pastime, many people like to go to bars, drink. Bar is to provide beer, wine and cocktails, wine and other alcoholic drinks consumption of the place. The tables and chairs in the bar are rich in style, full of fashion and personality, and naturally the size of the bar table is different, they do not have a unified standard, mainly based on the bar's business area to choose, the designer in the design Time but also according to the comfort of the guests to use the design to put the table size. Tables and chairs are matched, must be controlled in a reasonable size range and the like. We have to come to today to understand what kind of bar bar size specifications itBar Table   The size of the bar table is divided into two types according to the matching chair, one is the ordinary table, the other is with a high chair table, with a regular chair bar table size is generally high between 700mm to 780mm, The size of the table with a high chair is generally high between 910mm and 1060mm. We know that the bar table size is not a layer of the same, designers often in the design of the bar when the business area and the bar's business style to the specific design of the bar table, according to different design, the bar used The size of the table will not be exactly the same, there will be some slight differences. The bar is for people to leisure, entertainment, relaxation of the place, then naturally have a different design to impress the hearts of consumers, attracting them in the business of the bar to spend. The bar table is rich in style, full of fashion and personality, each bar has its own different themes and styles, the use of the bar's table is not the same, naturally, the bar table size is also different, the bar table with round table and square table two The size of the bar table is generally 600mm, 800mm, 1200mm, 1400mm, 1600mm, 1800mm, bar square table size generally 600 * 600mm, 800 * 800mm, 600 * 700mm, 1200 * 700mm, 1600 * 700 and other different types.Bar Table We know the size of the bar table size to be affected by many factors, the bar's business area, business style and the bar with the bar and so will affect the size of the bar table. The rest there are many factors that affect the size of the bar table, such as the bar table used by the material ah, the bar table designed by the appearance of the style ah, as well as the combination of bar table, bar table and bar chair combination will affect the bar The size of the table. The current market is not on the size of the bar to do a unified size of the table, a lot of bars in the purchase of bars and tables and chairs will take a custom way.Bar Table