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The Sensory Tones Of The Office Chair
- Nov 06, 2017 -

For office sofas, office chairs, reception desk, desk and other office furniture to choose the right tone, so that each other can form a natural harmonious collocation. Custom office furniture Tonal color matching can be thought from the following aspects. Match the tone of the office wall surface. Office Chair

The surface of the wall is white, light yellow, the ceiling is white or gray white, at this time office furniture such as desk, conference table, filing cabinets, etc., in determining its color to take into account with the wall, the ceiling of the harmonious collocation. Floor color and table and chair foot color to fuse, brown, gray black, black floor and the black bright metal material of table and chair to compare the foot, form the real visual texture.Office Chair

According to the psychological and visual senses of the person to consider tones. Office furniture and users directly related to the tone of the human visual senses and then affect people's psychology, so the tone of office furniture should be considered from this aspect, the choice of human nature. In the color selection of some visual soft, not easy to impact, combined with the building surface to build a stable tone style.Office Chair

The application of body engineering in furniture design is to emphasize the physiological and psychological reaction of the human body in the use of the furniture in the process of not using, and to provide scientific basis for the design of office furniture on the basis of a lot of analysis. At the same time, the people's work, study, rest and other life behavior into various posture models.Office Chair 

This research office furniture design, according to the person's position, the seat and the horizontal position datum point to standardize the furniture basic scale and the Office furniture Space correlation. Office chair-height of the chair foot this and the user's feet long and close, of course, except for the Chair class high chair, the general seat height of the chair is not too exaggerated, but if the unit does have a small stature to be considered.Office Chair