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The Importance Of High Quality Office Chairs
- Mar 29, 2018 -

    From the user's viewpoint, the leather chair is more important than the other office furniture, such as the desk and the file cabinet, to the health of the people. Eight hours a day, some people have seven hours to sit on the chair.

     It can be seen that the chair is vital to the health of people. The poor working chair makes the user poor sitting posture, causing vertebral disease and lumbar muscle strain. So a good cortico chair maintains the health of the user. From another perspective, the defective work chair because users uncomfortable sitting, will affect the user's mood, decreased work efficiency; even if one day by ten minutes, a year down for two thousand minutes or 33 hours, the hourly wage of 30 yuan, by about one thousand yuan. One thousand yuan a year and five thousand yuan in five years. On the other hand the defective work chair is not conducive to the company's image, the negative impact of no quantitative measure. It may also be a major loss for excellent workers to quit their duties because the chair is uncomfortable. So from the economic point of view, to buy a good work chair is even more expensive, but also cost-effective. The five hundred strong companies are basically the world famous chair, the price is about eight thousand yuan or more.

     What is a good chair? Ergonomic chair is necessary to care for the health of users. It is qualified work chair. From this specification, 80% of the chairs sold on the market are not qualified. Beautiful good work chair is necessary to plan beautiful, on the one hand the performance of the company image, on the one hand to give people a pleasant feeling. The quality work chair is like a work of art, adding a beautiful view to the studio.