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The Development Course Of Children's Dining Chair
- Oct 16, 2017 -

Dining chair Bracket Steel tube uses the high-frequency bright tube, belongs to the one-shaped hot-rolled steel pipe, the advantage of hot rolling is that the bubble crack formed when forming in one form, etc. will be welded together under the action of high temperature and pressure. Therefore, the ordinary split welded steel pipe can not be compared with the hot-rolled steel pipe Whether it is in the load bearing capacity or in the compressive performance. Steel pipe surface We also do a high-quality anti-rust coating treatment, double protection spray painting, not easy to scratch also can prevent rust. The same painting powder is also high environmental protection, mother can rest assured. Even in the humid south, the surface of the steel tube can remain smooth and shiny.Dining Chair PVC is mainly composed of polyethylene and other components to enhance water resistance, heat resistance, toughness, and ductility. Is the world's favorite, popular and widely used in a very safe synthetic materials, PVC's global use of various synthetic materials in the second highest. We use this quality and safety of synthetic materials in this chair, the mother no longer need to take care of the baby after the meal of the battlefield, even if the food, simple direct scrubbing immediately restore the original status.Dining Chair

Oxford Cloth breathable very good, compared to ordinary 200DD or 400DD of Oxford cloth, 600DD Oxford Cloth has a certain waterproof function, feel soft and very durable. Many international big-name bags are based on this Oxford cloth as the main material, it can be said that the use of this material is both breathable and to a certain extent convenient to take care of, like the cloth feel mother choose this paragraph is no longer suitable. The interior of the dining chair seat is also a very good tenacity of cotton, soft and breathable, very comfortable.Dining Chair High stool can not rely on the table too close, otherwise the baby will use the foot table force, and the high stool to overturn. Similarly, if the baby is standing on the high stool, either the stool will fall down, or he may fall off the stool. In addition, if the use of the kind of folding baby dining chair, after each use, the stool folded up, to ensure that the folding bolt is inserted in prison, not loose. Also pay attention to the folding of the baby stool has a sharp protrusion, so as not to accidentally hurt the baby.Dining Chair