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The Concrete Size Analysis Of Bar Chair
- Aug 21, 2017 -

      According to the human body's function size and comfort level, the table, chairs, sofas and other parts of the internet cafes furniture size set the corresponding standards. If the table and Chair size and the standard difference several centimeters, although from the appearance does not have the big difference, but the people used for a long time, may appear the spine deformation, the lumbar muscle strain, the eyesight drops and so on the question. We have listed several commonly used tables and chairs, sofas standard size for reference.Bar Chair
     The height difference between the desks and chairs is between the $unit and the computer table is not less than 580mm, the width is not 520mm. The table is too short or the chair is too high can affect the spine and lumbar spine, especially for children's eyesight and growth and development. If the space below the desk is not up to par, the legs will not be free to live. In addition, because each medium monitor model size is different, in the table choice, must combine the table and the seat height to calculate. If people's eyes just fall in the center of the display, the height of tables and chairs is appropriate.Bar Chair
     Chair: 440mm is a healthy height, seat cushion from the ground too high or too low, will make the leg is not normal, the time is long, the leg nerves will be squeezed. Sofa: Sofa seat width not less than 480mm, seat depth should be between 480mm-600mm, seat height should be within the range of 360mm-420mm. Nowadays, some simple and fashionable low internet café sofas are popular among young people. However, the height and width of the sofa are closely related to health. If the front width of the sofa seat is less than the standard, the space of the sofa becomes narrow, the depth of the seat is too deep, the calf can not droop naturally, the leg is easy to be oppressed; too shallow, it can make people have a feeling of sitting still, the seat is too high, like sitting on a high chair, very uncomfortable, if too low, people will feel more difficult to stand up.Bar Chair
     The best way to judge the size of a chair, table, or sofa is to try it yourself. If the Internet at the computer desk for a while to feel backache, it is likely that your desk and chair size has gone wrong. Therefore, the selection of computer tables, computer chairs, sofas, must be more than try, ask more, can also be based on personal circumstances.Bar Chair
     Chairs according to different structure can be divided into fixed, rotary, folding, modular, hanging type, inflatable type, etc. according to the form of backrest chair, armchair, Luo chair, leg chair, etc., can also be classified by use, materials and processing technology (see furniture). According to ergonomics principle, the function and scale of chair are closely related to the physiological characteristics of human body. Because of the different uses of the Chair, the functional requirements of the chair vary.Bar Chair
     These functional requirements are an important condition for people to work and rest. Improper function and scale will affect people's working efficiency and good health. For example, when people sit in a chair that transcends the height of the human body, the lower part of the thigh is pressed, the blood circulation of the lower limbs is not smooth, and the longer the duration will cause the toe temperature to drop, lower extremity swelling, numbness, seat tilt and back slope improper, sit for a long time will make the back naturally curved forward, but also cause neck acid and double shoulder and two eyes fatigue, resulting in decreased brain blood supply, internal pressure caused by loss of appetite, indigestion and so on.Bar Chair