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Standard For Selection Of Metal Stool Chair
- Oct 26, 2017 -

Sofa cover appears dirty can remove cleaning, but only dry cleaning, medium temperature ironing, avoid bleaching and washing. With clean white cloth with a small amount of pesticide, in the dirty place repeatedly wipe, until remove the stain, not a large amount of water scrubbing, so as to avoid water infiltration into the sofa inside, resulting in the sofa frame damp, deformation, the release of sand shrinkage, affecting the overall appearance of the sofa shape.Metal Stool Chair 

If there is a large area of stains, should please professional fabric sofa Cleaning team to serve you. High-grade fabric sofa, under normal circumstances, should be cleaned every 10 months or so to keep the fabric sofa clean. In addition, usually to strengthen the maintenance of fabric sofa, pay attention to frequent vacuuming, moisture-proof. Sofa armrest, Seat cushion is easy to dirty, can put on the top of the sofa towel.Metal Stool Chair

Do not consider the size of the market in the selection of sofas, you will find a lot of sofa size, there are thousands of kinds, so there will be such a situation, buy back the sofa too big, the living room become overcrowded, sofa size small, and the overall imbalance of space. Therefore, when choosing a couch, you should first know the area of your living room or bedroom, and then choose the right sofa.Metal Stool Chair

Choose a durable sofa, first of all to see whether the frame of the sofa is durable, not easy to variant. The traditional sofa frame generally only uses the serpentine spring, such sofa uses a period of time, very easy to deform collapses and so on the question, thus affects the sofa the esthetic and the use. Back to a better stretch of the sofa generally using serpentine spring and bandages, so that the sofa firmness and resilience will be doubled, even if your children in the sofa jumping, cushion is not easy to deform.Metal Stool Chair

If the family has elderly, children, to choose anti-fouling, wear-resistant sofa fabric good performance. In addition to cortical fabrics, suede and twill material is preferred, this material has a similar animal fur delicate feel, its longitude combined with large density, wear-resistant, not easily deformed.Metal Stool Chair