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Size Design Of Office Chair
- Oct 13, 2017 -

Service to People's daily necessities, therefore, office furniture design in the scale, modelling, color and layout of the way, and so on, must conform to human physiology, psychological requirements and the activities of all parts of the law, in order to achieve a safe, practical, convenient, comfortable, beautiful purpose. Ergonomics in the furniture design of the application, is to emphasize the use of furniture in the process, the body's physiological and psychological response, and the scientific experiment and testing, on the basis of a large number of analysis for office furniture design to provide scientific basis. At the same time, the people's work, study, rest and other life behavior into various posture models. , in order to study the office furniture design, according to the person's position, sitting and horizontal datum points to standardize the basic standards of furniture and the relationship between office furniture space.Office Chair

In the design of furniture scale, the height design of the Cabinet class, the podium without the seat and the desk class is based on the person's standing datum point, the furniture used in the seat, such as the desk, table, office chair and so on, is based on the seat Datum point; When designing the seat height, is based on the person's seat (sitting node) datum points for the measurement and design, the height is often defined as: 390mm~420mm, because the height of less than 380mm, people's knees will be arched, causing uncomfortable feeling, and rise very difficult; , the body pressure is dispersed to the thigh part, causes the thigh the fairy side to be pressed, the leg swelling.Office Chair

In addition, the width, depth, inclination, and back curvature of the seat are all fully taken into account the activities of the body's scales. The depth of the cabinet furniture, the height of the desk and the space of the legs are all human subjects, from the human physiological needs to proceed with the design. For office desks and Chairs class height, the country already has the standard, among them, the desk type furniture height size standard can have 700mm, 720mm, 740mm, 760mm four kinds of specification; Office chair type office furniture seat height can have 400mm, 420mm and 4,403 kinds of specifications. In addition, tables and chairs are provided with standard sizes, and the height difference between tables and chairs should be controlled within 280mm to 320mm.Office Chair