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Size And Selection Of Bar Chairs
- Jun 30, 2017 -

     Shopping tips for bar chairs. Bar Chair size which is the most suitable? Choosing a bar chair is tricky, either way, we have to notice the internal design, in fact, for the bar chair, it can be rotated, its rotation principle is added an air rod, different levels of the strength of the air rod rotation is different, and for good air rods, its safety factor is relatively high, so we in the selection of the time must pay attention to choose a good brand, this can ensure quality problems.
     Bar chair size. The bars and chairs are rich in fashion and individuality, nature of its size specifications are not the same, there is no unified standard, generally according to the operating area of the bar to choose, in addition, the size of the bar and chairs need to be based on the comfort of the guests to use, tables and chairs should be matched, controlled in a reasonable size range. Bar table Size according to the matching chair there are two kinds, one is the ordinary table, the other is the table with the high chair. The former is generally similar to the ordinary table size, the height is probably between 700, the latter height is generally in 910.Bar Chair
     Table size has round table size and square table size two kinds, bar round size generally have Sham 600mm (two people), Seuper 800mm (four people), S. 1200mm (six people), 1400mm (eight people), Sul 600mm (10), Siper 1800mm (12), etc. bar table size mainly mm (two people), 800 (four people), 600 (two), 1200 (four), 1600 (eight people) and so on. Bar Chair size Because of the difference in shape there are also many, generally this kind of chair height in 800, some can be adjusted, the size of the chair is probably 500. The bar chair is usually independent, the common size has L420, L440, L450, L450 and so on.Bar Chair
     What is the size of the bar chair? When buying a bar chair, you need to consider the height of the problem, whether it is the table of the bar or the chair, which is highly required. And for the type of style, design is also a certain uniqueness. Whether personalized customization or general customization, we should pay attention to the height and type of the bar desktop, which is directly related to the problem of the Chair, so we need to consider the use of the environment when purchasing.
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