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Roc Armchair Modern Creative Furniture
- Apr 12, 2017 -

The comfortable environment, bright colors and leather materials constitute the elements of COR's work at the 2017 Cologne furniture fair. This is called "armchair roc" is for the company in 2015 the original design of the transformation of the seat series, created by German designer UWE Fischer, is a modern version of the interpretation of the armchair, elegant appearance in order to give people a sense of security, but the size is not large.

UWE Fischer said: "this design looks like a protective shell, just wrapped in people's bodies. You can sit comfortably in the room with enough space to keep your body upright."

COR design of this "roc" in the 2017 Cologne exhibition debut, three part extends outward to form a gently curved handrail. In addition, with a cushion body part of the cushion slightly raised, placed in a small round base, in line with human engineering mechanics, provides an unprecedented degree of comfort. This chair has two kinds of fabric and leather to choose from, and it can also be equipped with a foot pad or a rotary plate. The furniture is light weight, can be easily transferred to any indoor environment.