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Raw Material Performance Of Office Chair
- Oct 16, 2017 -

Material is the material basis of office furniture, from the development of office furniture, office furniture material presents a variety of characteristics, there are: stone, wood, bamboo, rattan, leather, fabric, glass, pigments, rubber, wood-based panels, sponges, plastic materials, paint well-behaved. Although the office furniture material is numerous, however in carries on the office furniture design, must consider each kind of factor, to the material enters has the purposeful choice use. In the selection process, the main considerations are as follows:Office Chair Material processing technology, the process of materials directly affect the production and quality of office furniture. For Wood, in the process of processing to be considered under the influence of water, resulting in swelling and shrinkage, anisotropic, warping deformation, etc. for the medium density particleboard and MDF in the cladding treatment, the brittleness and hardness of the decorative layer should be considered to determine the proper feeding speed, prevent the blasting edge and improve the quality of the sealing edge. Plastic material should take into account ductility, thermoplastic deformation, etc. Glass should consider its thermal brittleness, hardness and surface quality.Office Chair

The texture and quality of the material can give people different psychological feelings. Wood belongs to natural materials, texture natural, and easy to process, is the production of office furniture, high-grade materials. Plastics and their synthetic materials have the characteristics of simulating the texture of various natural materials, and have good coloring properties, but easy to old aging, easy to heat deformation, the use of this production of office furniture, its service life and the scope of use is limited.Office Chair

The economy of the material, the economy of the furniture material includes the price of the material, the processing labor consumption of the material, the utilization of the material and the richness of the material utilization. Although the wood has the natural texture and so on, but with the increasing demand, the timber accumulation quantity unceasingly reduces, the resources are increasingly scarce, and the wood material similar, the economical beautiful material will be widely applied in the furniture life. The strength of the material, the different material, its strength is different. The same material in the office furniture part of the role of different, the strength of its requirements are also different, with its size specifications are different. In short, the strength of the material considering the grip, crack resistance and elastic modulus. Surface decoration performance, under normal circumstances, the surface decoration performance refers to its finishing, adhesive, carving, ironing, branding the feasibility of decorating.Office Chair