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Performance Of Metal Stool Chair
- Sep 07, 2017 -

     People often say "steel wood furniture", from the professional concept of understanding should be metal furniture, steel wood furniture is only a kind of metal furniture, metal furniture range is much wider. Where the metal pipe, plate or stick material as the main structure, with wood, all kinds of wood-based panels, glass, stone and other manufactured furniture and metal materials made entirely of metal furniture, collectively known as metallic furniture.Metal Stool Chair
     Metal Furniture has 6 major advantages: very personalized style. The main components of modern metal furniture are made of high quality thin-walled carbon steel pipe or aluminum metal pipe with thickness of 1 to 1.2 mm. Because the thin-walled metal tube toughness, ductility good, design as far as possible according to the designer's artistic ingenuity, full play the imagination, processing into a variety of curves, curved beautiful shape and style. A very artistic taste of the main structure of the metal pipe with solid wood, wood-based panels, wrapped, stone, glass and other accessories or ornaments clever collocation combination, to show the variety of different, million kinds of charm, it is refreshing. Many metal furniture form unique, avantgarde style, showing a very strong personalized style, these are often wooden furniture incomparable and comparable.Metal Stool Chair
    Rich color selection, metal furniture surface finishing can be said to be colorful, can be a variety of beautiful color polyurethane powder spraying, can also be gleaming chrome, can be glittering and bright, luxurious and elegant vacuum titanium nitride or titanium carbide coating, can also be coated with titanium and powder spray two or more colors of the perfect combination. At present, the international beginning of the popular plating K gold and black gold plating process, the metal furniture grade and grade to a very high state. Metal furniture set use function and aesthetic function in one, some high-grade Acura has the value of collection.
   Metal furniture categories and varieties are very rich, suitable in the bedroom, living room, dining room used in furniture. These metal furniture can be very good to create different rooms in the family needs different atmosphere, but also to make the home style diversified and more modern atmosphere. Metal Stool Chair
   With folding function: Many varieties of metal furniture have folding function, not only is convenient to use, but also can save space, which makes the family living environment of limited area relatively loose and comfortable. Quite aesthetic value, in the past two years in the domestic emergence of the iron furniture melting Chinese and western classical charm in the seemingly rugged style, elegant simplicity and without losing the modern atmosphere, the value of art appreciation and aesthetic value, for today's furniture market added a chic scenery.Metal Stool Chair