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Office Furniture Maintenance Six Do Not
- Apr 12, 2017 -

First, the office desk and chair maintenance not on the top of the cabinet, such as furniture, heavy objects, so as not to highlight the door, the door is not strict; clothing also avoid piling up too much, more than the cabinet door, in order to prevent the door deformation.

Two, office desk and chair maintenance do not wash with water or use a cloth to wipe the furniture made of plywood, should not be immersed in alkaline water, to prevent the spread of plywood or glue.

Three, office furniture and furniture maintenance do not use the original paint color paint and putty mix different wall cracks after embedding furniture, so as not to leave scars; seven, do not use alkaline water.

Four, office furniture maintenance not in handling drag drag, lift light light; when placed to put flat on the stability, if the ground is uneven, the leg pad, to prevent damage to a structure.

Five, office chairs and chairs do not put the furniture in the sun exposure, but also put in too dry place, in order to prevent wood cracking deformation.

Six, office chairs and furniture do not put the furniture in a very humid place, so as not to meet the expansion of the wet wood, a long time easy rotten, the drawer will not open.