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Office Chair The Correct Selection
- May 18, 2017 -

The right choice of office chairs, do you really understand?

Each ordinary person's day 24 hours is "row" "Lying" "sit" the three behavior state occupies, and one work family life is to spend nearly 80,000 hours in the office chair, this is almost one-third time of life. Therefore, how to choose an office chair is one of the big things in life, seemingly ordinary office chairs how to choose, in fact, a lot of learning.

There are three important factors to distinguish between office chairs and good quality.

1. Office Chair Chassis and chair legs

The chassis should have enough load-bearing capacity, with flexible and balanced seating legs. According to the study, the four-claw chair legs prone to imbalance, while the six-claw chair legs with the ground contact point, because too much easier to stumble the user. A good seat should be a five-claw chair, which is the most stable and balanced design.

2. Office Chair Cushion Comfort

The cushion is best formed, the more quality of the upholstery, will have a certain degree of weight tolerance, if the seat cushion can be adjusted according to their own weight needs, will reduce the fatigue of sedentary feeling. And curved seats are excellent, because the surface can increase the bottom of the thigh and buttocks and seat of the contact area, so that the average pressure scattered.

3. Office Chair Tilt of the back of the Chair

Different people have different weight, and the need of the chair back tilt is not the same. While the general tilt of the chair is fixed, leading to the weight of the person to lean on, weight loss of people at a sudden lean on the bottom, not only do not support a sense of easy to sit and turn off. A good chair should be in whatever shape, posture, leaning down the back of the chair can complete the back wrapped up and hold. The maximum inclination angle of 135 degrees of the back of the chair is a sufficient comfort angle from the large data analysis.

Office Chair In fact, office chairs are no longer just a simple office furniture, more and more brands to integrate advanced science and technology into them, the majority of consumers are currently enthusiastic about "ergonomic office chairs." Ergonomic office chairs combine ergonomic health knowledge, design and production. This office chair is more intelligent chair back design, can fit the human back curve, to the waist sufficient support, and the cushion is integrated production and material environmental protection health.

Office Chair When simplicity becomes a fashion, when it is purely a pursuit, follow the "subtraction" philosophy, combining "design," fashion, life, standing in the international height and breadth, abandon the redundant design, from the office seat shape, material, color and function of ascension and beauty, create a neat shape, but very rich connotation of ergonomic office chairs, take you into a different new world.

Office Chair Seemingly simple ordinary office chairs, often we neglect, but in fact, office chairs affect the health of a long sitting in the office of the Family, inferior office chairs for a long sedentary harm to the body; Healthy office Chairs Create a comfortable office environment for us. How to choose a high-quality office chairs, which contains a lot of scientific and health knowledge, worthy of our attention. We believe that when we choose a healthy and comfortable office chair, we will also bring more impetus to our work.