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Office Chair In Today's Design Applications
- Sep 28, 2017 -

Now the office space rent is quite expensive, reasonable planning and design can make better use of office space, and custom office furniture is the most suitable office space. Office furniture customization on the one hand can show personalized, on the other hand can also reflect the company's own unique culture, and then can be a reasonable use of office space. Office furniture design includes graphic design, the overall style of style design and specific design of three special aspects of furniture.Office Chair

Space design this is equivalent to "tailored", but also in the office furniture design the most basic principles, the only way to effectively use the various space in order to determine the design style and other factors, so that the design of the entire space to achieve the best.Office Chair

Through the choice of different themes of office furniture, showing similar elements with the corporate culture, so as to better show the company's image, shaping the spirit of enterprise culture, to create the company theme characteristics. Customization can achieve business personality shaping, through the design of office furniture to create the cultural value, which incorporates the customer's corporate culture, product image and CI strategy, is a deeper interpretation of the enterprise. Moreover, the high standard of design to make up for the lack of decoration, office furniture and office decoration environment complement each other, showing a better overall effect.Office Chair

Place the floor of the office furniture must be flat, four legs balanced ground. Clear the dust in the removal of dust on the furniture is best to use cotton knitted fabric, and then use a soft soft brush to remove the depression or relief decoration in the dust. Office Chair

The location of the furniture placed in the sun is best not to be exposed to direct sunlight, often the sun will make furniture paint film fade, metal parts easily oxidized deterioration, easy to brittle wood Summer is best to cover the sun with curtains to protect the furniture.Office Chair