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Office Chair Caster Common Sense
- Jul 27, 2017 -

                The office chair has the free movement function depends on the caster, the caster's quality directly affects the chair movement nimble and the use time, lets us do a simple understanding to the caster. Category: Ordinary casters, PU wheel (soft materials, suitable for use in solid wood flooring)Office Chair

                How to change: 1, office chair on the casters if the card hoop card, replace, will chair upside down, pull the old casters, with the explosive force will it out, the new put in, clap hard, hear "pa" a sound is installed; 2, the office chair on the casters if it is on the thread, the replacement of the chair upside down, the old casters will rotate down, the new rotation will be installed;Office Chair

               Change Note: 1, caster size: You need to determine the size of the replacement casters with this office furniture other casters consistent, not the same size of the casters after Wuhan office chair will appear unbalanced state, and affect the use of office furniture effect. 2, caster type: hard flooring with hard wheel caster; use soft casters on the floor with carpet, and choose suitable casters according to the material of floor, get the best performance; Castors function: 1, release the brakes, casters can move; 2, press the brakes, casters lock dead, cannot move.Office Chair