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Introduction To The Scientific Dimensions Of Dining Chair
- Oct 26, 2017 -

The width of the table is a two-person face-to-face meal required by the activity scale of 58-6 5cm, and the psychological scale that people need to face, the approximate state is generally between 3 5-7 5cm, so as to meet the needs of people's normal communication. According to ergonomics, the range of sedentary activities upright sitting and bending horizontal difference between the distance for CM, head into the table 10cm, can be very good to eat.Dining Chair

The length of the table is usually determined by the shoulder width plus the necessary psychological size, the student's age period is relatively fixed, the span is small, the shoulder width gap is smaller. The General people's shoulder width between the 320-340mm, plus the psychological correction of the public space, coupled with the need to eat the arm of the range of activities, is the general situation of the width of the desktop. The table in the school cafeteria is two-side, so the table length should be between the 990-1410mm, here meets the standard.Dining Chair

The width of the chair is determined by the position of the hips, involving the spacing problem, and the male No. 9500 point is chosen. 5cm, the front part of the seat is widened to 47cm to fit the left and right side of the legs. But the rear of the seat is only 24cm, which is far below the level of the studio. 5cm, which does not conform to ergonomics. The human lumbar vertebra is the curve in the natural state, guaranteed the normal shape of the waist arc curve is the key to obtain the comfortable posture. The seat should be set into a curved arc type to support the lumbar spine, not the hard straight type.

School students usually go to the canteen directly after school, it is obvious that they need to take schoolbags or books.Dining Chair

The arrangement of the schoolbag and other items becomes a big problem. The students had to put their bags in the seats used for dining, occupied a lot of positions, leading to a lot of people with dishes to find seats everywhere, so that the original crowded canteen became more messy and cramped. There is a need to design the seats to get the space for placing items.Dining Chair