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Introduction To The Bar Chair Environment
- Sep 28, 2017 -

With the continuous improvement of people's living standards and the increasing pressure of modern urban life, the leisure work of people is no longer satisfied with the simple elimination of fatigue, but more and more tend to be outside interference , Free, enjoy the entertainment, so that the body and mind can relax the multi-functional consumption environment.Bar Chair

Bar as a consumer of this situation, it is more relaxed than the teahouse, more passion than the cafe, KTV more dynamic, and truly meet the needs of modern leisure. This paper runs through the research idea of "people - oriented", and takes the psychology and behavior pattern of people in the bar as the starting point to study the design of the bar furniture. Bar Chair

First of all, the article introduces the bar culture, combined with the bar design to define the concept of bar furniture.

Secondly, based on the special environment of bars and people's bar consumption psychology, the design elements of various types, functions, materials, shapes and colors of bar furniture are discussed, and the design method and theory of bar furniture are analyzed. to sum up.Bar Chair

 Finally, through the method of statistical research, the market situation of bar furniture is analyzed, and the idea of bar demand and the harmonious development of furniture factory supply are discussed deeply, and new ideas are put forward.Bar Chair

What is the bar chair size? When buying a bar chair need to take into account the height of the problem, whether it is the bar table or chair, which are highly demanding. But also for the type of style, the design is also a certain degree of uniqueness. Whether it is personalized or custom custom, we have to pay attention to the height and type of bar desktop, which is directly related to the matching of the chair, so we need to take into account when buying the use of the environment.Bar Chair