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Information About TheBar Chair
- Nov 06, 2017 -

Bar is the main service desk, is an important part of the bar decoration, a beautiful atmosphere bars bar, is undoubtedly a beautiful scenery line, attracting people's attention. The bar is divided into the front bar, the operation area and after it. The height of the bar should be based on the height of the bartender, generally 1m―1.Bar Chair

The height of the 2m console should also be adjusted according to the height of the bartender, so that the operation is time-saving. The console usually consists of the following equipment: three-bar washing tank (with initial washing, brushing, disinfection function) or automatic cup washer, sink, twist sink, wine bottle rack, cup rack, and beverage or beer distribution device.Bar Chair

The height of the rear bar is usually 1. 75 meters above, but the top can not be higher than the bartender reach, the lower level generally 1. 10 meters or so, or with the bar (front bar) and so high. After the bar in fact, the role of storage, display, after the top of the cabinets usually display wine, wine glasses and a variety of wine bottles, in the middle of the preparation of mixed drinks of various spirits, lower cabinets store red wine and other bar utensils. The refrigerated cabinets installed in the lower layers are used for chilled white wine, beer and a variety of fruit ingredients.Bar Chair

The distance between the front bar and the bar, that is, the work of the service staff walkway, generally 1 meters, and not other equipment to the aisle prominent. The top should be equipped with a blister board or a rubber plate ceiling to ensure the safety of the bar service personnel. The floor of the walkway is paved with plastic or wood racks, or rubber pads, to reduce the fatigue of service personnel standing for prolonged periods.Bar Chair

Different styles of the bar Chair will have different heights, the general bar chair height can be based on the specific needs of people to adjust, bar height can be set according to the bar, lower than the bar 20-40cm generally is more appropriate. Many bar chairs can be controlled by the lifting function.Bar Chair