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How To Buy Office Furniture
- Feb 20, 2018 -

Many enterprises, group procurement office furniture do not know how to choose and buy? So how do you buy office furniture?

How to buy office furniture? All the quality, price, service design, and many other factors affect our judgment, what is more important? It is true that different enterprises, with different values, are different from nature. In the end, which aspect should we pay attention to? So far, there is no standard answer, only to look at the focus of your own. As a professional office furniture service provider, we believe that the high standard solution is to meet the values of the company (Organization) as the standard.

Excellent office furniture suppliers are good at solving problems for customers, that is to provide customers with the best overall solution from the height of the system, and do not create value for customers (value refers to individualization and unique cultural value), and all of which originate from the design of office furniture.

Starting from another point of view, the purchase of office furniture, most of the customers are to buy a few years back, it is not necessarily the person responsible, professional personnel responsible for the more impossible, not what professional and amateur professional experience, when the referee, inevitably there are many misunderstandings we list, buy, for your reference.

A pays too much attention to the scale of enterprises: scale can only explain productive capacity, but it doesn't mean good quality and strong design ability. In a sense, scale and individualization and cultural value are contradictory. Italy office furniture is famous for four seas, but the scale of Italy furniture enterprises is not large. Many famous enterprises only have dozens of people, but Italy furniture is famous for its design, not scale. On the contrary, the low grade product manufacturers are often large in size, and are more common in Zhongshan and Shunde. What customers want to buy is quality and service (including design), which has nothing to do with the size of the enterprise.

B, pay too much attention to low price: price and value, cost are usually closely linked. Low priced furniture is usually low in cost and poor in quality, and is generally poor in its appearance and design, and it is not a cultural value. Experienced buyers know that buying products that are too low in price usually cause many hidden dangers, which leads to many problems and regrets after purchase. For most companies, the gap in total 10-20% is not a big problem.

A lot of C, buy fast delivery, spot customers lack of experience, without considering the high-end products in the production cycle, fast completion of the renovation to the office, only to buy, have almost missed the opportunity, only the second best buy fast delivery products or spot. These products are usually low-grade products, lack of personalized and cultural value, and even poor quality, generally can not meet the needs of high-level customers.

D, buy brand: brand to buy office furniture is usually not wrong, but the purchase of large quantities, to follow the brand furniture (especially imported furniture) compared with the general domestic high-quality furniture, or a lot of expensive, less 50-100%, more than 200-300%. For the brand promotion cost of famous brand furniture, it still needs to pay a lot of real gold and silver. Besides, how well the brand is good is only a detail that some professionals can distinguish. In fact, strictly speaking, brand is not equal to design. Brand enterprises have good designers, which do not mean that every designer is excellent, but not equal to the excellent design of every case. I am a professional designer. I have seen many times the bad design of brand enterprises (of course, a few cases), and even deviated from the basic principles of design, such as color application errors and other common sense mistakes.

E, buy Furniture City products a lot of customers to buy office furniture as a very small thing, do not care too much, furniture city furniture city style, time to look, see the right, can buy back. I don't know. Furniture city has many styles and few boutique, so many houses are cheaper. There are few high-end products and less furniture city. Most furniture cities have very few high-end products.