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How Do The Working People Of A Sedentary Office Prevent The Injury Of The Waist!
- Mar 29, 2018 -

The work is gradually killing your body, also is the occupation disease of what others say, I don't think this is really is a practical joke, take sedentary office workers studio, at the top of harm is eyes, a day at the computer more than 8 hours, and is connected with the 4 hours on the computer, harm the eye is very big. The second is the harm is the waist, sedentary workers studio one day sitting in the chair of the moment is as high as 10 hours or more, in addition to lunch, other time all at your desk, even the midday nap is no exception, it did not make any money, but waste the waist. Let the Star Hao office chair a few tricks to protect your waist.

One: stand up for 5-10 minutes every hour. If possible, work 1-3 hours a day. For example, many foreign companies with outstanding and humanized ideas will encourage and create conditions for the workers to work properly, and the domestic companies may be more rigid.

Two: strengthen the exercise of the center muscle group, especially the practice of the lower back center muscle group. Many actions, such as plate support and many modifications, farmers' walking and squatting, hard pulling and other larger joint exercises, such as strengthening the shallow center, can also enhance the deep central part of the multi splitting muscles.

Three. Often do the loin back fascia loosening, punctuate to the sedentary muscle stretching easily contracture. Sometimes the body is hard, change the posture, the back pain of the waist is not necessarily the problem of muscle strain. For example, almost all the urban population has a problem of short (tensor fascia lata press sore, some slightly loose solution will scream, but relax flexion will improve after), because many people are sitting in the back fascia contracture, stiff chain.

Four. Buy outstanding support, plan excellent chairs, but not only rely on chairs. Many companies have equipped their staff with more than 1000 dollars in chairs, but the problem of the waist and back is still plaguing many workers. I have been sitting in their chairs, which is really nice and comfortable, but this may make the user more dependent on the chair and sit on the chair, so as to make the weaker center muscle group weaker, and then cause lumbar muscle strain. You can also test yoga ball (big, high and low). You may be tired at the beginning, but this thing can automatically keep you straight and keep good posture.

  make any money, but waste the waist. Let the Star Hao office chair a few tricks to protect your waist.