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Dining Chair Classification And Collocation
- Aug 21, 2017 -

      Dining table and chair refers to the dining room to eat when the need for tables and chairs, the market to sell tables, to log the color of the most, divided into solid wood and wood-based panels two; In addition, transparent glass table base for marble or metal materials such as the table also occupies a certain market share. Dining table and chair is a kind of dining utensils, the timber is more extensive. The height of the 720mm-760mm as the standard, the table chair is human daily life and social activities used in the sitting, by leaning, food and other functions of the apparatus. Usually composed of several 0, parts in a certain joint manner. Dining Chair
      Northern Wei Sixie "min to surgery" Five kinds of Huai Liu Catalpa zi Wu Oak: "Where the furniture, the former pieces of wood are suitable for species." "Visible, since ancient times, China's dining tables and chairs have been mainly wood to use timber, mainly wood furniture."Dining Chair
      Dining Tables and Chairs Category: 1, according to the design is divided into: Conjoined table chairs and tables and chairs. 2, according to the number of meals per table design can be divided into: two-person dining tables and chairs, four-seat dining tables and chairs, six-seat dining tables and chairs, eight-person dining tables and chairs, 10 people table chair. 3, according to the different materials of dining tables and chairs are divided into: steel dinner tables and chairs (generally divided into FRP, stainless steel two), wooden dining tables and chairs (generally have solid wood dining tables and chairs, track table chairs, etc.), marble dining tables and chairs, plastic table chairs. 4, according to the design of the chair can be divided into: collapsible, not folding, round stools, with backrest.Dining Chair
      If the house is large in size and has an independent restaurant, you can choose a table with a heavy feeling to match the space; If the dining area is limited and the number of diners is uncertain, may the holiday dining staff will increase, then may choose the current market the most common style-retractable table, namely has the active board in the middle, usually does not have to collect in the middle of the table or takes down, does not buy for one year only three or four times the party and buys an oversized table.Dining Chair
      The limited size of a small family, you can make a table for a variety of roles, such as can be used as a desk, but also as a recreational entertainment mahjong table. In families where there is no independent restaurant, the first thing to consider is whether the table meets all the members of the family. It's not easy to pack it up. Therefore, the market more than the collapsible table is more suitable for selection.Dining Chair
      Secondly, according to the overall style of home to choose. If the room is luxurious decoration, then the table should choose the corresponding style, such as the classical style of European styles, if the room style emphasizes concise, you can consider buying a glass table simple and generous style. In addition, the old table does not necessarily have to lose, in today's natural style of the trend, if you have a of the old wooden table, you can move it into a new home, as long as the above a piece of color and decoration in harmony with the tablecloth, but also another elegant.Dining Chair