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Dining Chair Buy Six Aspects Should Be Considered
- May 18, 2017 -

Dining chairs are the helper of children in the process of accepting adult food. Baby meals can probably be divided into the following stages:

Dining Chair 6-7 months or so, the need to add auxiliary food still need to sit at the stage;

Dining Chair 6 months to 2 years of age to practise their own meal stage;

Dining Chair After 2 years of age with adults at table with the food stage.

All healthy babies have the ability to take the initiative to eat solid food from six months, and parents have to give them enough confidence and opportunity. Suggest that children from eating auxiliary food start with adults, even if adults eat when he does not eat, should also let him to watch the study beside. The use of dining chairs is also the baby to learn the stage of eating, give the baby a small range of fingers to put food, placed on the table of adults, eating together very harmonious.

Dining Chair To buy a dining chair, consider these six points

1. Dining Chair Comfort: Dining chairs The most important is sitting comfortably, otherwise the baby how can be obediently sit down to eat. The important point is that the baby is sitting there must be moving space. For the sake of beauty, some seats in the design of chairs are narrow, not suitable for overweight baby belly. Before you buy, you must ask the width of the seat, and then the baby's fat and slim estimate, or maybe not long before sitting.

2. Dining Chair Safety: The base should be spacious, not easy to shake, the table feet to prevent slippery.

3. Dining Chair Material safety: To prevent the mouth of the baby bite, if it is wooden dining chairs, requirements must be solid wood without paint, if it is plastic material, need not contain BPA.

4. Dining Chair Folding: It's best to save space when you're not in use. If it is woody, it is best to split. If it is plastic, metal, must be folded. If the local tyrants house is big enough, please ignore this one.

5. Dining Chair Adjustable: Most dining chairs are designed for a 6-month-3-year-old baby. A 3-year-old baby will look smaller after sitting on a dining chair. If you want to buy a dining chair to sit up to 6 years old, you can choose a wooden dining chair that can be torn down into a table chair.

6. Dining Chair The seat set must be better cleaned: bear children in the dining chairs will be very messy. Therefore, the seat jacket is not too thick, must be detachable, and easy to wash cl