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Different Types Of Metal Stool Chair
- Oct 13, 2017 -

The stool is a simple and versatile material, so it is much larger than a chair. The shape of the stool is very rich, the early appearance of the rectangle, has continued to the Ming Dynasty, to the Qing dynasty into a square, there are fan-shaped, plum-shaped, hexagonal stool. Stool materials North and South, south of the stool is mostly woven rattan noodles, the north is more use of cowhide, the advantages of both materials are breathable, soft. To the Qing Dynasty, also appeared a marble-dominated stool, sit up cool, looks beautiful.Metal Stool Chair

Originally as a seats stool, to the Ming and Qing dynasties have more use. Put on both sides of the bed as a footstool, placed beside the cupboard, with a few flowers, potted plants, bonsai. As for the tall top wall cabinets in the house, ascend to fetch things. In the temple, as the retreat of the seats, so here the stool is generally broad and short, the shape is elegant and concise. Farm use of the stool is rugged, simple, stool generally thicker legs, looks simple and solid.Metal Stool Chair

This stool size range, the largest about two feet square, the smallest also has a foot. Although the overall appearance is the "rectangular" stool, but the change of style but let a person feel "static in move", such as the Ming Dynasty stool, some is color wood, some in the stool inlay marble, and some use wire rope, rattan braided soft core, which is considering the scorching summer sit up refreshing and pleasant. Stool can be used with square table and table, which is very important in many ancient furniture.Metal Stool Chair The shortest stool called a footstool, also known as foot pedal, step under the foot, the most consistent with its original function. The ancients are very clever, on foot based on the design of a stool, called roll stool. There are four axes in the middle of the stool that can rotate and massage the soles of the feet. The scholar at that time, while writing an article, while rubbing his foot back and forth.Metal Stool Chair