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Design Size Of Office Chair
- Oct 26, 2017 -

Office furniture is for human use, is to serve people's daily necessities, therefore, office furniture design of the scale, shape, color and layout of the way, must conform to human physiology, psychological requirements and the activities of all parts of the law, in order to achieve a safe, practical, convenient, comfortable, beautiful purpose.Office Chair 

Ergonomics in the furniture design of the application, is to emphasize the use of furniture in the process, the body's physiological and psychological response, and the scientific experiment and testing, on the basis of a large number of analysis for office furniture design to provide scientific basis.Office Chair

At the same time, the people's work, study, rest and other life behavior into various posture models. , in order to study the office furniture design, according to the person's position, sitting and horizontal datum points to standardize the basic standards of furniture and the relationship between office furniture space.Office Chair such as the design of the seat height, is based on the person's seat (sitting node) datum points for the measurement and design, the height is often defined as: 390mm~420mm, because the height of less than 380mm, people's knees will be arched, causing uncomfortable feeling, and standing very difficult Height is greater than 500mm, the body pressure is dispersed to the thigh part, so that the side of the thigh pressure, leg swelling. In addition, the width, depth, inclination, and back curvature of the seat are all fully taken into account the activities of the body's scales. The depth of the cabinet furniture, the height of the desk and the space of the legs are all human subjects, from the human physiological needs to proceed with the design.Office Chair

Destructive load testing: Repeat test steps to test the weight of sand/sand bags to 136 kg (300 lb) of destructive load. Place the sand/sand bag on the 152mm (6in.) above the uncompressed seat cushion and let it fall free once. Remove sand/sand bags and evaluate product acceptance levels by $number. For a highly adjustable chair, adjust it to the lowest point, repeating 1.2.33 Tests. You might need a chair with a lower point to test. Note: If the second chair is used for destructive testing, it must first be tuned to the lowest point, and the functional load impact test is performed by 2.1.Office Chair