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Application Of Human Engineering Principle In Metal Stool Chair
- Oct 17, 2017 -

Hotel chairs should pay more attention to the comfort of the chair, when purchasing a hotel chair, may wish to do the following basic judgment: a good chair should satisfy the user's human body size, such as height, sitting height, thigh length and so on; the chair's back should not be too straight, because the backrest is mainly used to support the back (spine), and the shape of the spine has several physiological bends, A chair with a straight back seat is too long to cause backache; In addition, sit on the chair to try, to ensure that the waist vertical, the leg and the ground and thigh vertical, thigh and waist 90 degrees angle, such a chair to sit up to the most comfortable.Metal Stool Chair

Hotel Chair Shopping Tips: first, to see if the skeleton of the hotel chair is solid, you can sit up and try to see if the shaking or stress is too heavy when there is no crunch sound. Second, look at the color. Good quality rattan cane general thickness uniformity, whether the uniform, with the fabric sewing is exquisite, hardware is high-grade.Metal Stool Chair

The hotel dining chair is easy to contact the greasy dirt than other chairs, so we should always add and wipe to avoid stacking oil stains. More attention to detail when cleaning and maintaining a crepe or floral hotel chair. can use the chair cover to protect the hotel chair, in the clean time is more convenient, lengthens the service life of the hotel chair. Do not shake the hotel chair at will or tilt the chair into two feet support, improper use of the way will destroy the original structure.Metal Stool Chair Hotel Dining chair Material: hands and feet common materials have aluminum alloy, stainless steel, iron, solid wood; Product color: Dining chair color and cloth can be in accordance with the customer needs of the style of matching and choice. Seat package: High-density PU shaped sponge seat bag, density 55-60, thickness 60mm (adjustable soft, hardness). The depth of the leisure chair. At the time of purchase, you can sit and watch, try to sit down the whole body of the depth of the feeling, you can know whether it is in balance with public and private needs.Metal Stool Chair

The height of the armrest of the leisure chair. If you have the habit of putting your hands down, you may choose a chair with lower armrest or no armrest. If you like to shrink the whole person in the middle of the chair, then, the higher armrest, the deeper seat of the chair, is probably the best choice. The softness of the lounge chair. The softness of cushion and backrest is comfortable, if do not attach cushion, cushion chair, look directly at the hardness of the material itself, ' additional part ' should pay attention to the internal fill that uses what thing, and test how to feel after sitting up.Metal Stool Chair