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Workout of office chair
- May 11, 2018 -

Office workers are usually hard to find time to exercise because of their busy work. If you are worrying about this matter, you don't need to. In fact, it is not necessarily a special exercise place or a special training way to exercise, sitting on the health chair can also be a fitness Oh! Everyone together with me to do the exercise on the office chair:

1 shoulders shrug. The shoulders seem to tie up the whole body, but usually there are not many sports opportunities. Shrugging is also good for your health. You can shoulder high and shoulder low, and you can also raise or droop two shoulders at the same time, or two shoulders one high, one low, one backward and one backward.

2 hands ring. Hold your hands against your palms and put your palms outwards, then stretch to the limit as far as possible. Pause for a moment, then turn your palm to the inside and return to your chest. So repeated several times, wait for the arm acid anesthesia.

3 move the neck. First stretch the neck, at the same time after the chin back, two shoulder drooping, and then reduced to the original position; then do necking action, the specific practice and extension neck action is opposite, both of the neck tension can be done, this action can stimulate the thyroid and parathyroid glands, promote the secretion of thyroid gland, receive refreshing effect.

4 sides of the side. First prepare yourself mentally, then force your head to one side and stop for a moment. When you feel a bit sore, then circle in another direction.

5 knees pinch hands. Two the knee should be "7" and put in place. The two hands should be clenched as fist, the fist eye should be sandwiched between two knees, and then two knees should squeeze two fist from both sides. A few times, wait for two hands and some sour anesthesia.

6 heads pitching. The head is bent down to the chest, then backward, it stops for a moment, and then circulate once until the neck feels a little sour. If you hold your hands behind your head (as in a sit up position), push back and push back harder, the effect will be better.

7 wrists shake and fall. It is the right hand to hold tight for the boxing, and then the wrist joint as the center, try to shake out, while the palmar fingers fall open, so repeated several times that the finger tension, wrist some acid can; and then change the left hand.

A circle of 8 heads. That is, the head first moves along the clockwise direction, and then moves along the counter clockwise direction. The cervical spine is often heard during the exercise.

9 rubbing the palm of the hand. Hands gently touch each other on the palm and back of the hand. There is a slight fever on the palm and back of the hand, and people feel comfortable. This can help the whole body through meridians and acupoints to regulate the mood and relieve fatigue.