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What is the size of the bar chair
- Apr 28, 2018 -

What is the size of the bar chair

The bar chair was originally used in the bar, the appearance modelling bar chair is very similar to the ordinary chair, only in order to match the high size bar, the seat surface is raised. Now many families have similar bar design, also buy bar chair, can add a lot of charm to the home, the size of the general bar chair is slightly lower than the bar 20cm about the same, about 60-100 centimeters between the height is more normal.

The bar chair and the ordinary chair are very similar to the bar chair manufacturer, but the distance from the seat to the ground is higher, so as to adapt to the relatively high bar, and then introduce the size of the bar chair for you.

Size of bar chair

We usually see the bar chairs are relatively small, that is a chair, but in fact, more like stools, generally do not have a backrest or only a shallow section. The bar is mostly higher than the table, and the height of the bar chair is also adjusted by the bar chair manufacturer. Because it is made according to the height of different bar, the size of the bar chair is also different.

Bar chairs can be divided into liftable bar chairs and non lifting bar chairs, which can be lifted or lowered. The general lifting range is between 20cm, and can be adjusted with pleasure. As long as the bar with the right distance can be slightly lower than the bar 20cm about the same, the height of about 60-100 centimeters between normal, also according to the environmental needs, appropriate increase or reduction.

Although there are many changes in the size of the bar chair, there are many common ones, with a standard size of 42*46.5*92cm. In addition to this bar chair, the chair also has 44*44*83cm, 45*50*99cm, 45*45*92cm, 39*45*98.5cm and other sizes.

Features of the bar chair

Setting up a small bar at home has become a fashion. How to decorate the bar with colors is a strange feeling and luxury. Between the kitchen and the dining room with a hollow bar as a separation line, both sides can sit, spacious space, color is very fresh, dining table and chair collocation is very particular, suitable for the pursuit of quality of life of friends.

The bar chair has a feature:

1. the shape is fashionable and the proportion is coordinated.

2. rich in color, can meet the needs of the user.

3. the use of new environmentally-friendly materials, low pollution, material harder and more durable.

4. manufacturing costs are low and can be produced in large quantities.

5. combined with ergonomics, it is more comfortable to sit up.

A different style bar chair

The garden style kitchen decoration makes the whole kitchen appear very simple and simple; the whole kitchen is decorated in the color of the white raw wood color, the solid wood bar table is simple and generous, because the choice of the kitchen bar chair of the choice of two square solid wood bar chair, with the overall match appears to complement each other.

The kitchen decoration of modern simple style makes the whole kitchen appear very refreshing. The decoration of the whole kitchen is mainly white, simple and simple. In the choice of bar chair, the black solid wood bar chair not only breaks the unity of the whole, but also makes the whole kitchen appear unusually natural and generous.

The modern simple style kitchen decoration how to use the charm of fashion, the decoration of this kitchen makes us feel very simple, but in the choice of the bar chair, rich line design, exaggerated expression techniques, and make the whole kitchen look very fashionable.