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What is the effect of a bar and a chair on a bar?
- Apr 28, 2018 -

Bar is a popular recreation and leisure place in modern society. The decoration of a bar is determined by Anji bar. The bar furniture is the most important part of the decoration. It has a close relationship with the consumer's activity chair wholesale, such as the bar table and chair, which is the most frequent home used by the consumer in the bar. Therefore, the quality of bar tables and chairs determines the important criteria for consumers to evaluate bars.

Bar table and chair appearance and comfort or not bar chair suppliers are very important. The shape and size of the bar and chair should first meet the specific function of the bar; secondly, it is necessary to make the customer feel comfortable, both elegant and comfortable, easy to move and strong, durable, wear-resistant, and the bar table and chair face should be able to prevent alcohol and ironing.  Flame retardant.

Design is one of the factors that attract consumers to come again. Therefore, the design of the bar and chair must conform to the aesthetic rules, make full use of the carrier of furniture language elements such as point, line, face, body, color, light and so on, and make the furniture product configuration more perfect and more in line with the aesthetic principle by using diversified modeling means. In carrying out the design, we must stress the unity and change of the overall shape. "Unity" means that the same or similar things are placed together to form a sense of integrity, harmony and tranquility on the whole, but too much unity will appear stereotyped and monotonous. "Change" means that different things are put together to form a clear contrast.

The last is the aesthetic function of the bar and chair. It can be said that it plays a leading role. It determines the style and atmosphere of the entire indoor functional space to a great extent. This requires that when choosing, designing and ordering various furniture, we should pay attention to the use of different materials, with different texture, feeling, texture and color. The reasonable matching of gloss will achieve satisfactory results and create the best style and atmosphere of the bar.