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What good is a standard chair structure
- Apr 15, 2018 -

A good computer chair should consist of five parts: Five Star feet, pneumatic pump, chassis, seat plate and backplane. Only when members perform their duties and coordinate with each other can they form a comfortable and durable chair.

The first part is the five-star foot, that is, the five wheels sliding the computer chair. They bear the weight of the human body and relate to the durability of the chair. The wheels of many cheap computer chairs are made of plastic or even waste plastic. The physical properties of the plastic are not good, the summer is too soft and the winter is too brittle. People often encounter the sudden deterioration of the wheels when they are used. A better wheel adds proper nylon to the plastic to increase its wear resistance. Of course, the wheels made of stainless steel and aluminum alloy are better.

The second part is the pneumatic pump, which is responsible for lifting the computer chair. Insiders pointed out that good air pump and poor quality air pump price difference is about 7 times. Poor quality pneumatic pump steel wall is very thin, valve is tight and lax, and it will leak for a long time, resulting in chair failure. Lin Lanjiao gives you a way to test the quality of the pressure pump: lift the chair up to the highest, and then put it down a little bit by bit. If the chair falls to the end, the quality of the pressure pump is not good enough if there is no rebound at the time of falling.

The third part is chassis, which is the brain of chairs. Almost all functions are realized through chassis. The chassis can manipulate the back or forward angle of the chair, as well as the soft and hard degree. The chassis function determines whether the entire seat can be tilted or the backplane can be tilted.

The fourth part is the sitting board, which must conform to the curve of human buttocks and thighs. The density and thickness of the sponges covered on the board are related to the comfort of the seat. If the sponge is too thin and the density is not enough, the seat will be "not guaranteed" for 3 months.

The fifth part is the backplane. This part must be in accordance with human function. The closer the curve of the body's spine is, the better the better. The elasticity and toughness of the back board are important factors to determine whether or not it is comfortable.