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Try to buy a computer chair in five parts
- Apr 15, 2018 -

The experts in the field of office furniture give the basic principles for choosing a computer chair: a chair that can adjust sitting posture, fit human function, support the arm and shoulder, provide a strong support for the lumbar vertebra, relieve the pressure of muscles and joints, and be a scientific working chair.

The shoes do not fit, only put on to know; to buy computer chair, like to buy shoes, have a try. But how to test, and what details should I pay attention to when I try to sit, so that I can get a computer chair useful for health?

Sit on the cushion angle: sitting on the computer chair, after the legs are drooping naturally, it is basically 90 degrees with the sitting board, and the feet can be flat on the floor or on the foot pad. The knee joint is slightly lower than the hip. Because of the different height of people, a chair with adjustable height and seat depth can make people of different height comfortable sitting.

Two try back angle: the backrest of a computer chair needs tilting function. The seat can be tilted overall (this posture can relieve leg pressure), the back angle can be adjusted, and it can be firmly locked. These functions are very important. Back up can relieve shoulder neck pressure. A little forward tilt can reduce the pressure on the lower back and make you more comfortable.

Three, test waist support: a chair with waist supporting function, it can give enough support to the waist, and it can relieve the pressure of the back effectively. A better chair, waist support function can also be adjusted according to needs.

Four, try the handrail adjustment: the armrest can relieve the tension of arms and shoulders. Adjustable armrest is more helpful to relieve pressure. The armrest is set to a height close to the table, which can maximize the weight of arms and shoulders.

Five test functions: head desk work for a long time, from time to time to lean back, stretching the neck. The headrest on the chair can relax the head and neck. A good computer chair should have the function of adjusting the height and radian of the headrest.