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The second China chair original design contest starts
- Apr 12, 2017 -

In the third session of China (Dongyang) wood mahogany furniture fair during the 2017 "Chinese chair" design conference was successfully held in Dongyang Chinese woodcarving Culture Expo City, Dong Xi hall, indicates that the original second Chinese chair design contest was officially launched. Jiang Zhenlei, vice mayor of Dongyang.

How to Chinese modern aesthetic context, inheritance Chinese folk traditional crafts, carry forward the artisan spirit, give "carving" intangible cultural heritage in new era, the "Chinese wood culture" of the United States to log Home Furnishing mainstream aesthetic world class products. This is an important topic of this conference, but also the ultimate goal of the Chinese chair design competition.

The original design contest second China chair will continue around the "line of thinking, seeking pulse, creating" the theme of purpose, in order to find the vein of Chinese civilization is fundamental to the ingenuity process as a guide to Chinese wooden culture as the carrier, to the contemporary creative design art as a link across the ancient and modern, cross through things, will China traditional culture elements into the modern design art, to create a more professional, life and international chair products, to properly meet the market consumer preferences, user habits and aesthetic appeal, and to nurture the furniture industry development.

This year, the organizing committee will start from the "market demand" and "design art strength" of the two major driving force source, jointly led by the Zhejiang creative design association and Dongyang Chinese wood City, "the" combined "boss", Dongyang wood furniture enterprises, International Creative Design Alliance, the alliance and the creative design at home and abroad creative design strength, together to create a "Chinese chair" original design contest 2 edition.