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The right way to sit in the office chair
- May 11, 2018 -

First, adjust the desk or work table to the right height according to the nature of the work. Because different desk height has different requirements for the position of the seat, sometimes even need to change a seat. Once the height of the desk is fixed, the seat height can be adjusted according to the "reference objects" of each part of the body.

Elbows: in the comfort of sitting, Beijing office furniture, the elbow closer to the table, the better, to ensure the upper arm and the spine parallel, put hands on the worktable surface (such as notebook or keyboard), up and down adjustment seat height, to ensure the elbow is right angle. At the same time, adjust the height of the handrail so that the upper arm can be slightly raised on the shoulder.

Thighs: check if your fingers can slide freely under the thigh and the front end of the chair. If the space is too tight, you need an adjustable footrest to support the thigh. If there is a finger width between your thigh and chair front, you need to raise the height of the chair.

Leg stomach: under the condition of buttocks sticking to the back of the chair, try whether the clenched fist can cross the gap between the back of the leg and the front end of the chair. If you can't do it easily, the chair is too deep. You need to move the back of the chair forward, padding a cushion or changing a chair.

Back waist: when you feel tired, do not shrink in your chair. This will add extra pressure to the waist and intervertebral disc. Put the buttocks close to the back of the chair, it is better to put a cushion to bend the back, so that in fatigue, the body will not shrink into a mass, and can reduce the burden of the back to the lowest.

Line of sight: close your eyes, then slowly open your eyes. The line of sight should be in the center of the computer monitor. If the display position is too high or too low, then the corresponding adjustment should be made to reduce neck muscle strain.

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