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The forest furniture factory allows the tables and chairs to grow out of the ground
- Apr 12, 2017 -

The money may not grow out of the trees, but it seems to be possible. Gavin Munro, a British designer, came up with a clever way to turn a tree into a furniture. He fitted the sapling with a model to grow into the shape of the furniture he wanted. Once the sapling is mature, you can get the furniture you want without cutting and assembling.

Munro, who runs a company called Full Grown, says he wants to "reflect on our relationship with trees and time."". He wants to get rid of the unfriendly environment and make furniture in a more simple way. He said: "when you are from the perspective of production and design point of view is very meaningful. Why to plant the tree, in order to cut it down? Why not let it grow according to the shape you want? You use this method to produce 10 furniture you can produce thousands of furniture in this way, but each one is the one and only."

The first time he came up with the idea of growing furniture was when he was working as a carpenter in California. He used wood to make furniture. One day, while he was dealing with some wood, he remembered that his mother's pot had grown into a throne. Then he thought: "why should we do these things -- let them cut down trees, cut, and then put them together. We can make the tree grow from the very beginning."

After what he called "plant production" a few times, Munro finally completed a model that could be used for 4 trees at the same time. Munro is now trying to build a 2.5 acre forest furniture factory in the north of the British Derby, which can grow up to 400 trees at the same time". He used a specially designed plastic frame to make willow seedlings and oak seedlings to produce chairs, tables, frames and even lamps.

It sounds like a scene in Alice's Adventures in Wonderland, but it's no magic, it's more about hard work. In the forest, all trees against the blue mold growth, gradually turned into the shape of furniture. Once they grow into a fixed shape, the grower will allow them to grow more lush and then harvest, each of the 100 trees, there are more than 10 thousand branches need pruning, the need for careful care of the more than 1 thousand branches.

After the harvest, every piece of furniture is very good to retain the original wood texture. Munro said: "it is a work of art, recording the original appearance of the material." He described the process as "a 3D print work with air, soil, and sunlight." He added: "it is essentially a very simple piece of art. Let the saplings grow in a special shape. At a certain point in time they will be grafted together to get a solid piece of furniture."

The entire process takes 4 to 8 years, the final production of the product is fully functional, they grow by grafting become solid, even if the time will not have loose interface. As Munro said: "these furniture may be used for centuries."

Quality may not be a problem for forest furniture, but productivity and scalability is a problem. At present, Munro can only produce 50 pieces of furniture a year, in mid 2017 to buy the first batch of chairs, the price is about $3700 a piece. Chandeliers and frames are expected to be available later this year.