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Precautions for the design of the bar and chair
- Feb 20, 2018 -

First of all the appearance of a bar chair

The bar is a classic place, but to make the bar add bright spots, the design process of the bar and chair must be integrated into the most fashionable and fashionable elements. An avant-garde bar table and chair. The visual effect is more suitable for a bar like a place of entertainment

Next is the material of the bar chair

Many bar tables and chairs are made of high quality pine log table, chair surface, with the design of the iron table, chair frame. The collision between the logs and the steel is the best way of expression in the American industrial retro antiquity.

In different bars, you can see bar tables and chairs made of different materials. Designers choose these materials and eat their appearance. Besides, the physical properties of these materials need to be considered. Such as wooden bar chairs, the wooden frame of the bearing part will use high-quality hardwood, in order to increase the bearing strength and chairs, and mesa part will use the beauty of wood texture mapping is relatively soft, if the wooden case, the surface will scratch processing.

The end is the cost of the bar and chair

The production cost of the bar table and chair is composed of two parts: material cost and processing cost. When the bar furniture designers in the design of bar chairs should be fully taken into account the economic production of bar tables and chairs, under the same conditions, not only need to select the cost-effective bar tables and chairs also need material, processing properties of these raw materials are fully considered, selection of raw materials that are easy to work. This will help reduce the cost of processing at the bottom bar, and ultimately reduce the total production cost of the bar chair.