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Modular robots can be combined to create furniture such as tables and chairs
- Apr 12, 2017 -

Each Roombot is composed of two parts and is connected by wireless, and is equipped with a battery as the power supply of the driving motor, so that the robot can rotate and combine. These modular robot Roombot also equipped with a retractable claws on the wall and the ceiling that Roombot is superior in adhesion or climbing stairs to these places, which can achieve some special function of furniture. Researchers believe that Roombot has a very important significance for the elderly and disabled the action inconvenient crowd, can through voice control of smart furniture to make them close or far away, so as to avoid because of dangerous actions may bring inconvenience.

Currently for the R & D team in terms of the modular robot has not yet a clear way to control the deformation, gestures or voice control is an ideal way to control. The research team is working to optimize the Roombot mobile mode and adjust the robot's algorithm, so that the combination of Roombot features more powerful. I believe that intelligent furniture in the near future will be able to bring our home life "quality" change.