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Maintenance of office furniture
- Apr 12, 2017 -

A desk, cabinet type:

1 desktop: desktop besmirch processing method can be a soft cloth to wipe the oil stains, can restore the bright as new, especially tape marks of high viscosity, good cleaning, cleaning oil is the best cleaning agent, but is not good for the skin, should avoid prolonged exposure.

2 body: if the drawer slide is not smooth, can be purchased in the hardware store WD-40 lubricant spray cloth slide can be. If the drawer cabinet drawer surface tilt phenomenon can be pulled out of the 1/3 drawer, cabinet body in the left and right sides with the hand down pressure can make the drawer surface restore smooth appearance.

Two. Screen:

1 panel cloth: the most common screen cloth panel dirt, little foam cleaning stains can be 3M spray about 10 seconds, with a clean soft cloth, do not use to wipe the oil stains, can cause fading and traces.

2 glass panels: easy to leave when wiping cloth is extremely difficult to clean, soft cloth wet wipe to wipe the old newspapers, insurable bright, or stick with a soft cloth to wipe the oil stains or avoid leaving crumbs.

3 table board: cleaning process as described above.

4 paint: due to the strong impact of the paint off, if only a small place, can be modified black pen.

Three. Sofa:

1 cloth sofa: processing methods such as screen cloth panel.

2 leather sofa: maintenance do not use irritating detergents, solvents, soap water, benzene agent, rosin oil, must prevent leather pores blocked, daily maintenance can sponge cleaning fluid, with circular motion to wipe, do not rub, then dry woollen cloth, to do a month. Can make the surface bright as new. Regular maintenance is the daily maintenance mode must first and then to a soft cloth and a little maintenance (oil without too much, and should change the frequency cloth dipped) evenly coated on the leather, and then dry with a dry soft cloth gently wipe the shiny leather. Leather for fear of moisture, sunshine, can not be used to wipe the water, if there is water, it should be dry, otherwise the process will produce cracks. Regular maintenance recommendations are made every two seasons.

Four. Office chair:

1 clean cloth and leather sofa cleaning: if the above maintenance procedures.

2 tilt with a different sound: you can use WD-40 liquid jet nozzle axis contact or spring, etc..

3 easy to dump: tilting tension adjustment knob to adjust the tightness of the suitable size, not too loose, easy to cause the danger of dumping.

4 wheel chair: the wheelchair can be divided into two kinds, one kind is hard nylon wheelchair, suitable for soft ground, such as carpet material, a PU soft wheelchair, suitable for hard ground use, such as plastic flooring, marble floors and wooden floor material. Because of the friction wheel on the ground, the wheels of the chair are easy to be stained with the wool fiber, and it is necessary to remove the wool powder on the chair wheel regularly, and use the anti - static spray to protect the chair wheel.