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Is it good for the bar, chair, stainless steel frame or electroplated metal frame?
- Mar 04, 2018 -

Most of the bar tables and chairs are steel frame design, but many people don't know that the steel frame of these steel bar tables and chairs is not the same, but also two kinds of stainless steel rack and electroplated metal rack. So, what about the two kinds of bar chairs?

First of all, the stainless steel bar chair

It should be emphasized that stainless steel is not permanent rust, and stainless steel does not refer to a metal. Stainless steel refers to a kind of super corrosive steel. Stainless steel itself is an alloy, and as for his non show, it depends on the alloy elements of the steel.

  However, stainless steel generally has strong corrosion resistance, so that it keeps rust free. However, it will gradually rust with time and the degree of rust will be affected by the environment.

So the stainless steel bar chair needs to be cleaned regularly to keep the bar chair clean and put in a dry environment. It should be remembered that the surface of a stainless steel bar chair must not have a residue of corrosive substances.

The next introduction to the electroplated metal bar chair

Electroplating technology is the use of electrolytic water on the surface of the original metal or other material objects attached to a layer of metal film so as to prevent oxidation of the metal, he is equivalent to the bar chair Calais a protective layer, the protective layer can not only improve the corrosion resistance of the bar chair, but also can improve the wear resistance of the bar chair light, and can add a beautiful role

It is worth mentioning that in the manufacture process of coins, electroplating technology will be used. Strictly speaking, the coin itself is a kind of electroplating metal. The hardness, abrasion resistance and corrosion resistance characteristics of coins can be roughly seen the characteristics of the bar chair. Although there are many advantages of the electroplating bar chair, there is another drawback. That is to depend too much on the plating layer on the outer layer. Once the protective layer is damaged, it will only corrode quickly, even if it is fast. A little, the bar chair will