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How to prolong the service life of office furniture coup
- Apr 12, 2017 -

Any furniture needs good maintenance, so that the furniture will extend the service life, office furniture, too. When buying office furniture, general business will provide customers with some cleaning agents, cleaning agents and the like, these products not only in the market price is not low, often use is not necessarily able to achieve a good maintenance effect. The following Xiaobian to introduce you to some of the day-to-day maintenance of office furniture in a better way.

1, office furniture placement is also very important, can not be placed in direct sunlight, because the sun after a long time prone to cracks and easy to fade. But the furniture can not be placed in damp space, such as near the damp walls, so as to avoid pre wet wood shrinkage, long regret leads to decay, it is difficult to open the drawer, the type of furniture to Alice, office sofa should be kept in a dry place to prevent internal spring rusting, elastic impact.

So buy back office furniture is the best place to place the air drying, so the office furniture itself has played a preliminary maintenance.

Conference table

2, the use of office furniture should also pay attention to it often clean, if not regularly to clean dust, easy to accumulate small gap, not only to take care of them in trouble, but also affect the overall appearance, and dust will make the wood products easy to change the old furniture.

Clean the dust to be careful not to use wet towel to wipe, preferably with Mao Shan clear, if necessary with a damp soft cloth gently wipe, some people think that the clean-up of office furniture surface with detergent or soap water can be better, in fact this chemical solution is likely to affect the brightness of office furniture paint or cause paint loss. We may from time to time with a little furniture wax or soft Chiari like walnut oil, gently wipe down the texture.

tea cabinet

3, office furniture surface white do not exothermic cups or alkaline corrosive materials, so easily left to erase the traces, in addition to avoid splashing ink such as like colored liquid on the desktop, because wood furniture has strong absorption, and not necessarily can be cleared up.

Many consumers are at that time just buy office furniture will pay great attention to maintenance, a long time will bother, in fact want to maintain office furniture often Xinyang, use for a long time, it is necessary to clean the usual maintenance.

4, usually use office furniture, but also pay attention to not let the hard hard or sharp metal collision, in order to maintain office furniture surface does not appear mishap traces. Especially some large high-grade solid wood table, file cabinets and other products should be careful, to prevent scratches. Cabinet office furniture moving, do not push hard pull, so as not to loose furniture table legs, damage, etc..