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How much is the size of the table and chair in a western restaurant?
- Mar 16, 2018 -

1.The size of the dining table in the Western Restaurant:600mmmm*600mm, 1200mm*600mm, which is two square restaurant tables and chairs, the most commonly used size, are generally single sitting, the former is common in the restaurant or cafe, the size is more common. And the height of the desktop is generally around 750mm, which is more convenient to eat. Of course, in addition to the square dining table, the western restaurant has a relatively personalized small round dining table (there are few large round tables in Western restaurants), and the most common size is the diameter 600mm. Most of this small diameter round table is designed with fashionable retro wind, and it is a kind of personalized western table.

2.the size of the sofa chair in the Western Restaurant The restaurant has a seat to sit the sofa and chair Western-style food two two, differ in the size of the design, but also have the same place. For example, sitting high, the two common sitting height is 450mm, the height of the design is convenient for the body to sit down the leg extension, and convenient to eat. But in the height and length of the back, the two are different. For example, the general restaurant dining, its total height is about 750mm, and the length is close to 450mm; and the card of the sofa is generally double, the total height of the common 1000mm, the length is 1050mm. All of these are the common sizes of tables and chairs in Western restaurants. It has a very important impact on the comfort of the user. And it can't be designed too much space to avoid space waste