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Desks and chairs in Western restaurants
- Mar 16, 2018 -

Do you want to try the local cuisine in France and Italy at home? Different dietary culture does not affect the favor of the Chinese people to the western restaurant. Now you can see the figure of a western restaurant in any more prosperous business district. People talked about in addition to delicious dishes, the restaurant is quite different from that in the layout of the restaurant, the restaurant tables and chairs, natural and ultimately the spot. You are used to chopsticks, are you used to using the knife and fork of the western food? In addition to Western-style food dishes and tableware and China is different, even the restaurant tables and chairs, dining table and chair style and China common different. The following dream will give you a detailed description of the style and style of the table and chair in the Western Restaurant

Western restaurant tables and chairs are very rich in style, according to the different standards can be divided into the following:

Division 1, from the applicable number, often have a single sitting chairs, tables and chairs, tables and chairs three six four.

2, and from the shape of the table, the common square, round, oval and other shape.

3, according to the material of making western food and dining tables and chairs, the western dining tables and chairs can be divided into wooden tables and chairs, solid wood tables and chairs, stainless steel tables and chairs, steel frames, wooden tables and chairs, marble tables and chairs, etc.

A typical western restaurant will choose two people, tables and chairs and four tables and chairs to use together, because it can not only meet the needs of all kinds of customers, but also make full use of the western restaurant space.

It is worth mentioning that the standard western restaurant actually used the long bar table. As for the other shapes outside the long strip, most of the hotel furniture was developed by restaurant table and chair manufacturers to meet the needs of Chinese people's aesthetics and needs.

Finally, it reminds us that the western restaurant is only the concept of Orientals. France, Germany and other European countries themselves do not have this concept. For example, they will not call Chinese cuisine Oriental food. In fact, the so-called western restaurant is also divided, such as French restaurant, Italian restaurant. Each of them has its own characteristics, which can not be generalizations.