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Choosing a chair is also a deep knowledge of the door
- Mar 04, 2018 -

1. armrest

The way that a novice can judge a chair is the best way to see whether a chair's armrest is connected to a chair's back or a cushion. The armchair is connected to a chair on the back of a chair. When back up, the armrest can keep the same angle from the back of the human body to get comfortable arm support.

2. waist support

When it comes to the comfort of the chair, the most important thing is the waist, the greater the age is, the more sensitive it is to this. The waist support appear to be simple, but the waist is the whole chair a part of the highest technical content, there must be connected with the whole chair complex machinery, of course, the real test is to rely on their own to take, no matter whether can complete various postures, back to back up his parcel.

3. tilt back strength

The weight of different people is different, and the strength of the back tilt is not the same. But the inclination of ordinary chairs is fixed, causing the weight less people to be unable to keep up, and the heavy body people depend on the bottom at once, not only without the sense of bearing, but also easy to sit up and turn off.

4. other

In the purchase of the chair, we want to buy a full-featured, armrest, height adjustable seat forward inside and outside, (not for many people); the flexibility of the wheel chair, even if people do not sit on the wheel can get a good grip; optional floor wheel is convenient to use on the wooden floor of the air; mesh material for a long time will not feel bored.