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CEO white-collar is your office chair safe?
- May 11, 2018 -

The lift chair exploded, which has recently become a hot topic among a number of working people, and some employees are worried about it and even take the idea of changing an ordinary office chair. It is not a "chair" but a "time bomb". Xiaobian is also a lift chair. Every time you see such news, you will be scared. Why does the lift chair explode?

Then, is it a "time bomb"? Is it a "time bomb"? The reporter has visited some office furniture stores and sellers in the new area, and some cheap seats do have the hidden trouble of using poor quality barometric rods. The market supervision department reminded the public through this newspaper not to buy cheap lift chairs without security.

How can a chair explode? Many people are amazed at it, and the problem is on the barometer. It is understood that there are three main types of lifting equipment used on the market at present: oil pressure, mechanical type and air pressure, and the most of the household and office use is the air pressure type. This lift chair has a cylinder, the regular manufacturers are filled with nitrogen, the concentration is generally more than 99%, the pressure is about one or two atmospheric pressure.

In general, there are three kinds of situations that may explode: one is that the purity of nitrogen is insufficient, and the temperature and pressure will rise suddenly in the high temperature environment or the friction too frequently; the two is that the cylinder wall is not strong enough or the material is poor; the three is that the sealing is not tight and the gas burst out. Some black factories to lower costs, fill even high pressure air, this situation is more likely to cause an explosion.

Once the explosion, the consequences are unthinkable, some experts have done a simulation experiment, the power of the air pole upward burst can at least break 6 density boards.

Next, we will remind you how to prevent or avoid such accidents in the future.

1 be sure to purchase the lift chairs produced by regular furniture manufacturers, and not to buy cheap products with the advantage of being cheap.

2 a lot of people sitting in the lift chair, like moving and moving, or back and forth back and forth, the chair slippery to go, these sit method is very dangerous, easy to cause the pressure bar unevenly, the pressure rod will not be balanced wear, forming the explosion hidden danger.

3 do not self disassemble problems, find professionals to repair.

4 use a certain period of time, professionals should be regularly checked, once found to be damaged, immediately stop using.