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A few points to be taken into consideration when choosing an office chair
- Feb 20, 2018 -

Now, basically, all office workers are doing all kinds of mental labor and physical labor in sitting posture. According to the current development, people will still work in sitting posture for many years. Therefore, it is very important to choose a multi-functional office chair, or to choose a right office chair, which will make the office process easier. The following is a brief introduction to the selection and purchase of office chairs.

1, to adjust the height of the seat freely, we need to select the office chair with the air pressure setting, and adjust the height of the chair according to the height and leg length.

2, to maintain the back of the natural comfort, can select the back can adjust the office chair. The height and angle of the backrest can be adjusted at the same time. According to the different situation, it is necessary to adjust the right posture and maintain the right posture.

3, the angle of the seat can be adjusted. Adjust the open angle of the back and chair, naturally reduce the pressure of the leg and back, promote the circulation of the blood and the smooth breathing.

4. The height of the seat and the height of the handle can be adjusted. In accordance with the needs, simple and convenient, arbitrary adjustment, to reduce the pressure of the neck and shoulder.

5, the chair has the swing adjustment function, making the sitting posture more comfortable. If the seat and backrest can be adjusted, the comfort can be further strengthened.

6, the seat depth can be adjusted according to the height status, relieving fatigue caused by long time work. Office workers are basically sitting on office chairs all day. Therefore, when choosing office chairs, we must consider all aspects of functions, and try to make office workers feel that they will not be tired when they are sitting.