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A cozy restaurant deck should have these conditions!
- Mar 16, 2018 -

So  choose the restaurant seat sofa, first noticed is its use function, and the important factors affecting the use of the function, such as comfort!

There are many factors affecting the restaurant deck comfort such as shape, size and material, for example, these will affect the comfort of the restaurant. In the three point to meet the comfort design, restaurant must meet the ergonomic design principle.

First is the other; between the sofa cushion and backrest angle to meet the sitting habits of people, with the vast majority of people eating habits when they are sitting; and seat sofa backrest radian design must conform to the human body to rely on when the structure of the spine. The interior filling of sofa cushion and backrest must maintain a certain degree of softness and high resilience, so that sitting on the body will neither feel uncomfortable nor form an effective support for the human body.

The second is the size of the problem; restaurant deck size mainly includes the following aspects: Restaurant seat seat height, seat, seat backrest width, height, the base and the backrest angle, radian backrest. Undoubtedly, the size of the restaurant design any card of the sofa on the sofa comfort all have a great impact.  In fact, the size of each restaurant deck determines the overall shape of the sofa.

Finally, the quality of restaurant deck chair is more comfortable than ordinary why? It is because it is more spacious, or because of its soft seat and soft elastic back. The restaurant deck would like to be able to maximize comfort, we need in the sofa fabric and stuffing efforts. The fabric must have a good touch, skin friendly, environmental protection, and internal filling needs to be soft and high resilience two characteristics.