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A chair of a plastic steel chair
- Apr 28, 2018 -

The chair is a seat with backrest, some waiting chairs, and armrest. Sitting on the ground in ancient times, there were no chairs, and chairs were wooden names. "Book of Songs" has its "Tong chair", "chair", "Zi Zi", is the name of a tree. According to the records, the name of the chair was first seen in the Tang Dynasty, and the image of the chair should be traced back to the North China's bed when waiting for the chair manufacturer. The Dunhuang 285 cave painting airport chair manufacturer has two people sitting on the chair image; the 257 Grottoes have the women sitting in the square stool and the cross leg bench; in the Longmen lotus cave stone carving, there are women sitting on the stool. These images vividly reproduce the use of chairs and stools in the official and aristocratic families during the northern and Southern Dynasties. Although the seat at that time had already possessed the shape of chairs and stools, people were also used to call it "the bed" because there was no appellation of chairs and stools. In the temples, it was often used in Zen Buddhism, so it was also called the Zen bed. Since the Tang Dynasty, the use of chairs has increased gradually, and the names of chairs have been widely used before they are separated from the categories of beds. Therefore, the origin of chairs and stools must be discussed from the bed of the Han and Wei dynasties.