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6 tips to teach you how to choose a bar table and chair
- Feb 20, 2018 -

1. The bar and chair material

The use of the material determines its portability, portability, and obviously wood, and of course the effect of bamboo will be better. But if the bar owner does not think it is suitable for cleaning, it will be good to deliver the plastic.

2. The height of the bar chair

The height of the bar chair should be regarded as the most important thing in the bar design, although it all depends on the height of the bar, but people have their own standards. The appropriate height is anywhere between 7 and 13 inches above the seat of the bar.

3, the quality test of the bar chair

Check the bar chair structure is firm or not: in the selection of bar chair in the cement floor mop, fall gently, if the sound is ringing, explain quality is better; if the sound hoarse, have split Li Zhen pull murmur, that is not combined with tight mortise structure is not strong.

4, select the guaranteed bar chair brand

There are many brands of bar chairs. Different brands have different designs for bar chairs. First of all, choose a reliable brand, then choose the bar chairs from the appearance. It can consider many aspects such as appearance design, size design, decoration and other aspects, and one point is whether it is in harmony with home decoration style.

5. The bar chair is comfortable and can sit for a long time

The first eye is the shape curve of the bar chair, in addition to the appearance of the harmony, the most important thing is to be comfortable. Because you sit in the bar for a long time, you don't feel uncomfortable asking for a sedentary. If there is a cushion, the requirement for the cushion is not easy to deform, it can be properly supported by the body, and it can reduce the fatigue brought by the bar chair height.

6. The chair seat in the bar chair is designed to conform to the human body curve

The seat of the bar chair has two kinds of plane and curved surface. The curved surface is more suitable for human needs. It greatly increases the contact area between the body and the bar chair. According to the pressure principle and large contact area, it can distract the body pressure and make the sitting more comfortable. It is best to have a sloping part in the design, which can prevent people from sliding forward, and can also play a role in stabilizing the pelvis.